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Auris specialized in "Dried pressed flowers" material productions for many year.  The Boss do the press flowers jobs from 1993.  The planting area is located in City of Flower-KuMing, over 50,000 square meters greenhouse cultivation.  The main market is Japan, USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.


Our Factory focus on all kinds of pressed flowers, leaves,stems and kinds of natural plants.  Larkspur, Kinds of Chrysanthemum, Rose, Lace Flower, the smallest 0.5CM flower to largest flower 12CM and so on.   And now, we have over one hundred kinds of the pressed flowers, and the annual production capacity is up to 200 million pcs. We also could offer quarantine certification for large quantity order if need sea shipment or air shipment.  


Dried pressed flowers bring cheer with their bright, natural colors and their everlasting display. And can make the perfect gift, because they bring joy and beauty year round. Unless placed in direct sunlight, dried pressed flowers do not fade. There is a large variety of dried pressed flowers available for use to brighten a home or office. Our dried pressed flowers are included in single bunches by variety, in wreaths, in mixed bouquets and in cornucopias. Enjoy the beauty that dried flowers can bring into your world


These presses are convenient to use and ready all year round!  Each flower is planted, picked, pressed and dried by hand. Every flower can be found in a variety of quantities and packages. The presses are a perfect addition to scrapbooks, business cards, bookmarks, jewelry, and much more!


No matter the occasion, Dried Pressed Flower is the absolute best choice in finding quality and beauty in one!


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It is so like natural plants since Kindergarten time, always with a book folder flowers or leaves are made of specimens on the book.  And then made the specimen card to the classmates.  When graduating from high school, i sent special card made by myselfs to everyone in our class.  The card made by flowers, leaves, grass.

But just for fan and interest, do not understand the process.  And the flower is easy to damp and fade after a period of time


In 1996, an accidental opportunity, i saw an framed painting in a foreign site, all materials used on painting are fully flowers and leaves.  It is so nice, too awesome


My hometown in the countryside, owned a lot of fields. So after graduating from college, I persuade my parents to plant flowers on the fields.   And I joined the Association to learn how to make flowers fast to dye, quickly dry, and can stay longer.

Through continuous learning and exploration, and constantly improve the process, continue to increase the variety of flowers, we offered quality pressed flower for all clients and all fans of pressed flower


Flower field facilities management, use greenhouse to cultivation, the use of modern cultivation, watering, temperature control technology to protect the production of flowers in high quality raw materials.


We stable supply of goods Pressed Flower.  More than 100 varieties of species, the annual production of up to 200 million flowers,  hundreds of flowers stocked and could offer Pressed Flower stabilty whole year.

DongGuan Auris Network Technology Co., Ltd. DongGuan Auris Network Technology Co., Ltd. DongGuan Auris Network Technology Co., Ltd. DongGuan Auris Network Technology Co., Ltd. DongGuan Auris Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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Trading Company


Brands : DFOnePlus

No. of Employees : 50~100

Annual Sales : 3000000-5000000

Year Established : 2017

Export p.c : 90% - 100%